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Look no further!We have all the equipment you will ever need to get the most from a broadband connection.
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You need to set-up VPN's, Wireless LAN's, VOIP. We have the experience.
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Consultancy can help you get the most from your new broadband connection. provide complete installation of your new broadband connection and also offer consultancy on how to get the best from your new connection.

Virtual Private Networks

Totally Secure Remote Access to corporate networks using the public Internet, allows mobile users, remote teleworkers and regional offices to stay in touch through Virtual Private Networking (VPN) technology.

Users may access corporate resources over the Internet through VPN technology for a fraction of the cost of leased lines. Access can be achieved through a variety of methods, for example: Dedicated hardware devices, simple to install client software or browser based SSL applications. Once the secure connection between both ends of the link has been established, corporate resources such as e-mail, FTP, Voice over IP and any business applications you want are available to the user as if they were in the office! This is a massive benefit of broadband if utilised correctly. can help your company implement a VPN solution that could give you a 100% ROI in the first year!!!

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Wireless Lan

Add a wireless network to your current business network. This allows users with laptops to work anywhere in the building. It also reduces costs of increasing users on your network with no need for expensive cabling.

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A killer application for Broadband. Allows you to use your broadband connection to make and receive phone telephone calls for free to other VOIP users, and at very cheap rates to standard numbers anywhere in the world.

The cost saving experienced by companies with more than one branch especially when in different countries can be massive by eliminating all inter company voice call charges from your teleco.

When combined with wireless technology this allows you to make and receive VOIP calls anywhere in your premises using a wireless VOIP device connected to your network. VOIP systems can also be linked into your existing PABX (Telephone System).

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Do you need to protect your network from attack? Too many organizations suffer the consequences of unauthorized entries, internal security breaches and virus/trojan outbreaks.

Security is much more than just having a firewall. Effective network security revolves around a ring of defences. Proper planning, deployment and third party testing are paramount to a successful implementation.

Security must protect critical information and resources - networks, systems, applications, users and data.

We asses all facets of your infrastructure including Network, Internet, Intranet, and Extranet. Coupled with this information and a firm understanding of the corporate direction, we can provide solutions that meet the short and long term security goals of the corporation.

We offer comprehensive security solutions and product expertise, including technology assessment, design, integration, policy, procedures and security consulting. We keep your business up and running.

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